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21 Secundus, 10525 (26 February, 2006) 

New Minister Appointed

The Office of the Emperor today announced the first expansion of the Ministry since 10520 (2001), with the appointment of Dr Suresh Agarwal to the position of Acting Minister of Social Services, with oversight of the Directorates of Health, Welfare and Education Services, and of Intercultural Affairs.

With over two decades worth of experience as a practitioner, teacher, researcher and author, Calcutta-based Dr Agarwal is regarded by many as the foremost pioneer in the field of complementary, holistic and alternative medicine in India. He has convened and delivered keynote addresses to numerous international conferences in such countries as Egypt, Spain, the United States, Korea, Singapore and Nigeria, is the author of a dozen books, and edits India’s monthly Health Sciences Journal.  

Above (L to R): The Bishop of Calcutta Rev P S P Raju, Mr Anthony Biswas, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Dr Suresh Agarwal at a 25 Tertius 10524 (8 April 2005) meeting at the Prime Minister's Residence, New Delhi.

The new Minister's professional, community and philanthropic activities in India and beyond are wide-ranging, and he is associated in a senior capacity with dozens of health, humanitarian, education and social welfare organisations throughout the world. Among many other capacities he presently serves as Honorary Vice President of the Indian Red Cross Society, Honorary Vice President of the St John Ambulance Brigade (West Bengal), General Secretary of the World Peace and Friendship Society, President of the Indian Board of Education & Research and founding President of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. He is also a Fellow of the Indian Academy of General Practice and the Royal Society for Health (London), and is a Life Fellow of the AIDS Society of India and the International Society for Health & Human Resources (USA), among many others. 

In confirming the appointment Emperor George II stated: "Atlantium is fortunate to have a person of Dr Agarwal's calibre as a citizen, and we are doubly fortunate that he has elected to make his formidable talents available in service to the Imperial Administration. I and my colleagues very much look forward to working with him in further advancing the Administration's engagement with governments and related  organisations in some of the fastest growing regions of the world."

For further information contact the Office of the Emperor

19 Primus, 10525 (19 January, 2006) 

Eminent Brazilians Honoured

Above (L to R): Jose Malta OA and Flavio Chaves OA after their investiture.

In a ceremony conducted today at the Tribunal de Justiga, Pernambuco by Count Lamartine de Hollanda Jr and staff of the Imperial Legation to Brazil, two eminent Brazilians were honoured with membership of the Auroran Order.

High Court Justice Jose Malta and writer, journalist and academic Flavio Chaves join a select group of their countrymen who have been awarded Atlantium's newest Imperial Honour in recognition of their services to society.

Justice Malta was awarded the OA for his services to the Brazilian Judicature, and to legal education, over a period of more than forty years. He has served as a High Court Judge since 10512 (1993), presiding over the 3rd Civil Chamber of the High Court of Justice of Pernambuco, and is the serving Vice-President of the Association of Portuguese language Jurists. The Full text of Justice Malta's citation can be viewed here.

Mr Chaves is a well known literary figure, who has served several terms as the President of the Brazilian Writers Union (Pernambuco). He is currently an elected public official, serving as Deputy Mayor of the City of Carpina. In the former role he spearheaded a campaign to establish libraries and make books available at reduced cost. The full text of Mr Chaves' citation can be viewed here

For further information contact the Ministry of State or the Imperial Legation to Brazil

10 Primus, 10525 (10 January, 2006) 

Legate Meets with Presidents of Brazil, Venezuela

The Atlantian Legation to Brazil and a number of other local citizens recently attended the official inauguration of the General Jose Ignacio Abreu e Lima Oil Refinery, in Ipojuca City, Pernambuco.

The facility is a joint venture between Brazil and Venezuela, built and operated by Brazilian oil company Petrobras, to refine Venezuelan oil. It is named for a Brazilian-born contemorary of Simon Bolivar who fought with him to win South American independence from Spain in the early 19th century.

The 22 Decimus 10524 (16 December 2005) inaguration ceremony for the refinery was jointly officiated by President Lula of Brazil, and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. As head of the Imperial legation Count de Hollanda was personally received by both heads of state as part of the proceedings, and conveyed the well-wishes of the Imperial Administration to them.

The occasion also afforded Count de Hollanda the opportunity to

Count de Hollanda greets President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil (above) and President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela (below).

invest President Chavez with the Grand Collar of the Order of General Abreu e Lima. The Count is the Grand Master of the Order.

For further information contact the Ministry of State or the Imperial Legation to Brazil

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