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Events of 10522 (2003)


26 Decimus, 10522 (20 December, 2003) 

Emperor to Visit Egypt

His Imperial Majesty George II today departs the Imperium Proper for a private twenty-eight day visit to Egypt. The Emperor's itinerary is expected to take in many of the country's cities and historic sites and includes visits to Cairo, Alexandria, Siwa, Abu Simbel, Aswan, Luxor and Sinai. Minister of State Count Derek Gould has been invested with the role of Executor of the Imperium in the Sovereign's absence.

Left: The world-renowned Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan, made famous by visiting Heads of State and notable personalities for over a century, will host  Emperor George II early in 10523.

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09 Nonus, 10522 (28 October, 2003) 

Brazilian Museum Exhibits Empire's Coin

The Central Bank of Brazil recently became the proud possessor of one of the Empire of Atlantium's limited edition 20th Anniversary 10 Solidi coins.

On 30 Sextarius 10522 (31 July 2003), the Imperial Legate to Brazil, His Excellency Dr Lamartine de Hollanda Jr presented the coin to the Bank's Mint Museum (Museo de Valores) in Recife. 

Above (L to R): Pedro Rafael Lapa, Vilma Sabino (holding coin), Imperial Legate de Hollanda and Mrs de Hollanda Cavalcanti.

The donation was made on behalf of the Emperor by His Excellency and was received by the Bank's Regional Administrative Manager Pedro Rafael Lapa and Museum Director Vilma Sabino in a private ceremony at the Museum that was also attended by Atlantian Citizens Professor Magarida Maria Felix da Silva, and His Excellency's wife Marialuisa Caveglia de Hollanda Cavalcanti .

The coin joins the Museum's other exhibits, which trace the development of currency  throughout the ages.

See the Brazilian Central Bank's official receipt for the donation.

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24 Septimus, 10522 (31 August, 2003) 

Prominent Citizen Mourned

Emperor George II has expressed his personal condolences to the family of high-profile citizen John Hauser-Speelman (known to his friends as Rio), who died in Sydney on 1 Septimus (8 August).  

Mr Hauser-Speelman, an eccentric identity, community activist and business owner in Kings Cross - Sydney's popular bohemian precinct - had most recently been Vice President of the local  Chamber of Commerce, and was a past President of the local  Community Centre. 

He had also been a regular guest of the Emperor at the nearby Imperium Proper for several years prior to becoming a citizen of Atlantium in Decimus 10521 (November 2002). 

Above: John Hauser-Speelman 
(photograph: Roslyn Sharp)

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15 Sextarius, 10522 (16 July, 2003) 

New Stamp Issue Revealed

The Ministry of Communications has revealed plans to re-launch the Empire's long-dormant postal service with today's announcement that the issue of the first set of Atlantian stamps since 10504 (1985) has been slated for release at an as-yet-unspecified date prior to Foundation Day, 3 Decimus (27 November).  

The definitive set of two stamps (pictured above) features the Imperial State Vexillum in an interpretation loosely based on the design of the historic inaugural Atlantian stamp release of 10501 (1982), and is expected to go to press within the next few weeks. Upon their official issue date the stamps will become mandatory attachments on all mail carried from the Imperium Proper in Sydney, and between the Imperium Proper and all other Atlantian territorial enclaves. 

The Ministry of Communications and the Office of the Emperor are presently in discussion concerning promulgation of regulations governing the Empire's stamp issuing policy and the operations of its postal service. An appropriately qualified appointee to the role of Director of Postal Services is also being sought.  

For further information contact the Ministry of Communications

5 Primus, 10522 (5 January, 2003) 

South America: Atlantian Success Story of 10521

As 10522 (2003) dawns South America Ė in particular Brazil - has shown itself to be a particularly strong focus of future growth for Atlantium, with a booming citizen population and formal participation by the Empireís local official representatives at several recent high profile diplomatic conferences and ceremonial events, including the 1 Primus (1 January) inauguration of new Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.  

After several years during which the continentís Atlantian population remained disproportionately small, the appointment of an expanded Imperial Legation based in the Brazilian city of Recife and headed by career diplomat and academic Lamartine de Hollanda Jr in Sextarius 10521 (June 2002) proved by year-end to have been the catalyst for an unprecedented 1050% surge in the number of South American citizens. 

Characteristic of the Brazilian Legationís hands-on approach, and commencing what was to prove a whirlwind conclusion to 10521 (2002), His Excellency de Hollanda hosted the 6th annual Congress of the Federation of Latin American Corps and Consular 

Above: Imperial Legate to East South America Yuri Ghenov addresses the diplomatic luncheon at Brasilia's Saint Paul Hotel on 10 Decimus. Seated (L to R) are Dominican Ambassador Ivan Brugal, Imperial Legate to Brazil Lamartine de Hollanda Jr and Croation Ambassador Nancy Butijer. 

Associations (FLAMCA), in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 2-4 Decimus (November 26-28). His Excellency - who is also the most senior diplomatic representative of Albania in Brazil - was re-elected as that organizationís president, a role he has fulfilled for a number of years. 

Above: Atlantium takes its place amongst the community of nations at the 6th annual Congress of the Federation of Latin American Corps and Consular Associations. Atlantian citizens Giedra  de Hollanda Cavalcanti and husband Gustavo de Hollanda Cavalcanti were in attendance.

The Congress Ė which coincidentally straddled the the Empireís 21st Foundation Day anniversary - was attended by diplomatic appointees from sixteen countries, and represents the first international forum at which Atlantium has participated on an equal footing with states that are members of the United Nations.   

The Empire scored a second diplomatic coup days later when Imperial Legate to South America His Excellency Yuri Ghenov joined Dr Hollanda in hosting a luncheon at the Saint Paul Hotel in Brasilia on 10 Decimus (4 December) that was attended by the Ambassadors and Consular officials of Colombia, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti and Panama. A healthy complement of seven new Atlantian citizens was also on hand at this event to receive Imperial Legate Ghenov's ceremonial welcome.

Above (L to R): Consul Durvalino Andreotti of Bulgaria, Imperial Legate de Hollanda and Consul Alexandre Gusm„o of Haiti at the FLAMCA Congress. All three are Atlantian citizens.

On 17 Deciums ( December 11) His Excellency de Hollanda was reinstalled as president of the Consular Society of Pernambuco at a ceremony in Recife attended by a group of Atlantian citizens and foreign diplomatic personnel, and on 19 Decimus (13 December) staff of the Imperial Legation were on hand at the official opening of the Recife branch of the Brazilian Central Bankís mint museum by outgoing Brazilian Vice President Dr Marco Maciel. As a result of discussions between His Excellency de Hollanda, Dr Maciel and the museum director on this occasion, the Imperial Government has been invited to submit Atlantian currency for display as part of the museumís collection.

Sources within the Imperial Administration suggest that should the present scale of positive developments in Latin America continue, a State Visit to the region by Emperor George II could become a matter for serious consideration.

: Imperial Legate de Hollanda in conversation with Brazilian Vice President Dr Marco Maciel at the opening of the Brazilian Central Bank's mint museum in Recife.

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