Events of 10524 (2005)


10 Septimus, 10524 (29 October, 2005) 

Legislator Awarded OA

Brazilian legislator Marcos de Jesus has become the latest eminent Brazilian to be awarded the Auroran Order. Deputy de Jesus received his Imperial Honour at an investiture conducted on 5 Septimus (24 October) at the Noble Hall of Spettus, Pernambuco, by Count Lamartine de Hollanda. Mrs de Hollanda, members of the Atlantian Imperial Legation to Brazil, a group of well-wishers and supporters and local media representatives were also in attendance.

Above: Count Lamartine de Hollanda Jr (R) congratulates Deputy Marcos de Jesus after awarding him the Collar of the Auroran Order.

Marcos de Jesus is a member of the Partido da Frente Liberal (Party of the Liberal Front), currently one of Brazil's two main opposition parties, and serves as an elected deputy in the Brazilian Federal Legislature. He received the OA for services to the Brazilian people in his role as popular legislator and representative for Pernambuco. 

The full text of Federal Deputy de Jesus' citation can be viewed here.

For further information contact the Ministry of State or the Imperial Legation to Brazil

13 Octavus, 10524 (25 September, 2005) 

OA Awarded in Brazil

An eminent Brazilian political figure has become that country's first citizen to be awarded the Auroran Order, after participating in a solemn investiture conducted at the Municipal Assembly of the City of Caruru, Pernambuco by the Imperial Legation to Brazil on 11 Octavus (23 September).

Above: Mayor Tony Gel OA (centre) with Caruru Municipal Secretary Dr Aprigio Braga Sa (L) and Imperial Legate Count Lamartine de Hollanda Jr (R).

The Mayor of Caruru, Antonio Geraldo (known as Tony Gel) received his OA for services to Brazilian politics.

Mayor Gel holds higher degrees in political science and business administration from the Universities of Brasilia and Sao Paolo respectively. His political career has involved terms in the national legislature, serving as an elected representative. The full text of Mayor Gel's citation can be viewed here.

For further information contact the Ministry of State or the Imperial Legation to Brazil

25 Quintus, 10524 (20 June, 2005) 

Atlantium Coins on Show at Asia's Largest Museum

Asia's largest museum, the Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad, India, recently added several of the Empire's 10 Solidi coins to its collection.

In a ceremony conducted at the museum on 18 Quintus (13 June), Imperial Legate to India, His Excellency Narasimha Murthy handed over the coins on behalf of the Imperial Administration and the International Benevolent Research Forum to the museum's Director Dr A K V S Reddy, in the presence of a group of local media and over 100 digintaries and guests, amongst whom as Guest of Honour was the Andhra Pradesh Minister for Education, the Honourable P V Ranga Rao.

Minister Rao, who is the son of former Indian Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao, in commenting on the handover, noted that "..nations like Atlantium have a great role in the world".

Above: Imperial Legate Murthy (R) hands a Solidus to Salarjung Museum Director Dr A K V S Reddy (L) in the presence of Andhra Pradesh Minister for Education the Hon P V Ranga Rao.

For further information contact the Imperial Legation to India

19 Quartus, 10524 (8 May, 2005) 

New Award Honours Minister

The Office of the Emperor today named Atlantium's second most senior official - Count Derek Gould - as the inaugural recipient of the Empire's newest Imperial Honour, the Auroran Order. The Order was instituted by Emperor George II on 1 Secundus (6 February) this year as a  general order of merit

The Count has served as Minister of State since 17 Decimus, 10520 (11 December 2001) and oversees the Empire's foreign policy, internal affairs and protocol portfolios, as well as managing the Imperial Diplomatic Corps.

Prior to his appointment he served as a senior official in the Hong Kong Government. Apart from his practical experience in policymaking, the Count is a respected academic authority in the fields of health policy and public administration. He has written several books and articles on these subjects, and also lectures at various universities.  

The full text of Count Derek Gould's award citation can be reviewed here.

Left: Collar of the Auroran Order, manufactured by Birmingham UK jewellers Thomas Fattorini & Co. 

For further information contact the Office of the Emperor

29 Secundus, 10524 (6 March, 2005) 

Atlantium at FLAMCA 10524

His Excellency Dr Lamartine de Hollanda, CI, Imperial Legate to Brazil, represented the Empire at the Seventh International Congress of the Federation of Latin American Consuls (FLAMCA) and the First International Meeting of the Association of Albanian Consuls in Latin America (ACAAL) in Punta del Este, Uruguay, on 26-28 Secundus (3-5 March), at which matters of mutual interest were cordially discussed. Among other responsibilities, Count de Hollanda's Legation oversees the welfare of the several dozen Atlantian citizens currently resident in Brazil.

Above: Count de Hollanda (centre), with Legatine officials Marialuisa de Hollanda Cavalcanti and Gustavo de Hollanda Cavalcanti at the Congress.

For further information contact the Imperial Legation to Brazil

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