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Events of 10521 (2002)


26 Decimus, 10521 (20 December, 2002) 

Media Barrage Continues

As the Office of the Emperor foreshadowed the imminent release of an announcement described as being "of immense, fundamental symbolic importance to Atlantians everywhere",   international media interest in the Empire - sparked by recent global radio coverage - seems poised to continue. Duke Richard Bell, one of the Empire's most senior Nobles was today interviewed for a programme scheduled for broadcast on BBC Radio 4, the United Kingdom's leading talk station.

Above: His Grace, Duke Richard Bell is interviewed by BBC correspondent Phil Mercer in Sydney today.

His Grace - who was elevated from the Rank of Count as part of the Empire's recent 21st Foundation Day celebrations - discussed a range of issues with correspondent Phil Mercer, including the unique function of the Atlantian Nobility as a meritocracy that underpins the Imperial political system, and his views concerning the inevitable assumption by the Empire of its rightful place amongst the global community of nations.

The interview is expected to air within the next few days.

For further information contact the Office of the Emperor

9 Decimus, 10521 (3 December, 2002) 

Millions Hear Emperor Speak

In the most spectacular vindication to date of the Provisional Imperial Administration's continuing policy of active international engagement, a radio interview prominently featuring Emperor George II was today broadcast by the BBC World Service to a global audience estimated at some 153 million* people. 

The seven minute interview anchored a story concerning Australian-based microstates that featured on human interest programme Outlook; included were excerpts of the Auroran Hymn, a guided tour of the Imperium Proper by His Imperial Majesty, and a brief but entertaining exposition of the Empire’s history and goals.

The Emperor afterwards expressed his personal thanks to staff at the BBC for their support in the promotion of Atlantium and its values to their global audience. 

In related news the Ministry of State's Directorate of Internal Affairs has reported an immediate and dramatic  increase in the number of applications for Citizenship in the hours following the broadcast.

* source: BBC World Service Annual Review 2001-02

Above: Bush House, Westminster, London - Headquarters of the BBC World Service.
(Photograph: Matt Biddulph)

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23 Septimus, 10521 (30 August, 2002) 

Minister of State Visits Imperium Proper

In an historic gathering of the most senior representatives of the Empire's Executive and Judicial branches, Emperor George II and Magister Aequitas Andrew Doohan  were yesterday on hand to formally welcome Minister of State Derek Gould on the occasion of the latter's inaugural visit to the Imperium Proper.

Above: Magister Aequitas Andrew Doohan,  Emperor George II and Minister of State Derek Gould during yesterday's meeting at the Imperium Proper.

Minister Gould, a former member of the Hong Kong civil service for over twenty years - including periods as Assistant Commissioner for Transport and  Principal Secretary for Health and Welfare - and the co-author of several books concerning public policy and administration was appointed to his position as the most senior Minister in the Imperial Administration in Decimus 10520 (December 2001), and is presently visiting Australia to conduct research for several forthcoming publications.

The Minister was accompanied on his  visit by wife Ginnie, and Count Richard Bell and Mrs Jessica Bell were also in attendance during proceedings which involved a tour of the Imperium Proper, a formal handover of documents of authorisation, and a frank and open exchange of ideas between the representatives of the two branches of the Imperial government on subjects ranging from constitutional reform through to more mundane administrative concerns.  The Emperor in welcoming Minister Gould, stated that he felt "profoundly honoured to be able to share the responsibilities of overseeing the continued expansion of the Atlantian State with colleagues so capable and so dedicated".

At the conclusion of formal proceedings the Emperor presented everyone in attendance with a commemorative 10 Solidi coin, and the Imperial party then retired to local eatery the Macleay Street Bistro, where informal discussions continued well into the evening.  

For further information contact the Office of the Emperor or the Ministry of State.

32 Quartarius, 10521 (21 May, 2002) 

Coin Minting Underway

The Ministry of Finance today announced that full production of the Empire's inaugural coinage had commenced, as Emperor George II and Count Richard Bell toured the Aquila Mint in Sydney's western suburbs in time to see the historic first Imperial Solidi roll off the coin presses. 

Above: Count Richard Bell inspects a coin press being used to produce the Empire's coinage at the Aquila Mint in Sydney.

Count Richard has been at the centre of recent speculation concerning likely senior appointments to the Finance Ministry. He refused to be drawn on  the Emperor's intentions, saying simply that his attendance  at the Mint was "in my capacity both as a private Citizen of the Empire and personal friend of His Imperial Majesty".

The Ministry of Finance recently launched an online ordering facility for the new gold-plated 20th Anniversary commemorative 10 Solidi Coin, and advance orders for the limited production run are now being accepted.

Right: Newly minted Imperial Solidi on an Aquila Mint coin press.

For further information contact the Ministry of Finance. To place an advance order for the 10 Solidi commemorative coin visit the online orders page.

10 Quartarius, 10521 (29 April, 2002) 

Emperor Set to Appoint Finance Minister

As the Ministry of Finance announced that the minting of the Empire's inaugural commemorative coinage had commenced, with the approval of the first trial striking today, the Office of the Emperor signalled that the appointment of an acting Minister was imminent. Speculation as to who would fill the role centred on Count Richard Bell, one of Atlantium's earliest Citizens and a longtime personal friend of the Emperor, although it is believed that several other candidates may also be under consideration. Formal notification is expected within the week.

Above: The historic first trial striking of the Empire's 20th Anniversary commemorative 10 Solidi coin. Photograph courtesy of the Imperial Collection.

For further information contact the Ministry of Finance.

15 Tertius, 10521 (29 March, 2002) 

US Diplomat Meets Emperor

The recently-appointed Imperial Vice-Legate to Florida, Her Excellency Brigitte, the Countess von Bulow de Rothschild, today met with Emperor George II for the first time, as part of a whirlwind three-day visit to Sydney by the diplomat.

Dining at Double Bay's renowned Cosmopolitan restaurant with associates of the Countess - amongst them iconic Australian composer Ken Davis - His Imperial Majesty and Her Excellency discussed a range of issues including the Empire's soon-to-be-released inaugural coinage, its 20th anniversary stamps, the Great Georgian Order, and the Countess' ongoing leadership role in the "Clean Up the World" campaign. 

The Countess stated that she was honoured and delighted to be representing Atlantium, which she considered to be a significant positive force for change in the world, whilst the Emperor described the meeting as both a personal pleasure, and an opportunity which he hoped would herald a new and exciting phase of engagement by the Imperium in one of North America's most populous regions.

Her Excellency resides in Fort Lauderdale, but also travels widely in South America and Australia, and describes herself as a true citizen of the world. She was appointed as the Atlantian diplomatic representative to the Florida region of North America in Decimus 10520 (December 2001).

For further information contact the Office of the Emperor or the Ministry of State.

29 Primus, 10521 (29 January, 2002) 

Reform of Imperial Honours

In an unheralded development the Office of the Emperor today announced the abolition of the Empire's system of civic awards, and the institution of a single new  multi-purpose award in its stead.

In a media statement the Office of the Emperor declared that the Great Georgian Order - named for the Emperor's semi-mythical patron saint - was designed to more appropriately serve the Empire's contemporary civic awards requirements.

It went on to note that the previous multi-tiered system of three awards introduced in Septimus 10519 (November 2000) had proven to be unnecessarily confusing, and did not provide the Imperium with a sufficiently unique and identifiable award in the manner that it was intended  the present reform would. 

The Great Georgian Order may be awarded to any person, at the discretion of the Emperor or the Imperial Senate, for services to the Empire or its institutions, or alternatively in recognition of notable achievement in any field of endeavour which can be deemed to have contributed in a positive manner to the sum of knowledge or the human experience.


Left: Breast Medallion of the Great Georgian Order featuring the Imperial Cipher, the Year of the Order's Institution and an image of St George slaying the Dragon. 

For further information review the relevant issue of Vox Imperium, or contact the Directorate of Protocol.

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