The Right Honourable Derek Gould, CI, OA

Acting Minister of State

with responsibility for:

  • Directorate of Nobiliary Affairs
    vacant, pending appointment
  • Directorate of Public Administration
    vacant, pending appointment



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Ministry of State


The Ministry of State is one of the most important in Atlantium. Its extensive range of operational responsibilities encompass:

  • Processing of Citizenship applications

  • Management of all aspects of the Empire's external relations, including the activities of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps

  • Management of the Public Administration

  • Management of all matters concerning the use of, and conventions associated with the Empire's Symbols of State, and other protocol matters

  • Administration of the System of Nobility

  • Administration of the Imperial Honours System

  • Administration of the Empire's Insignatorial (heraldic) System


Citizenship is the basis for participation in the Empire, availing the Citizen of the full range of legal rights, protections and obligations outlined by the Constitution. Citizenship is a pre-requisite for:

  • Voting in elections for the Imperial Senate

  • Nominating for election to the Imperial Senate

  • Appointment to the Judiciary

  • Bringing a Legislative Action in the Senatorial Court

  • Appointment as a diplomatic representative

  • Elevation to the Nobility

Citizenship may be applied for directly by any person aged 15 years or more, by submitting the appropriate application to the Ministry of State. If successful, applicants are awarded Citizenship without charge.

As the Empire is a supra-territorial entity all Atlantian Citizens maintain dual Citizenships. The Ministry reviews each application for Citizenship on its individual merits, and its decisions are final.

Atlantian Citizenship may be rescinded without notice at the discretion of the Minister of State in the event that criminal activities endangering or bringing into disrepute the operations of the Empire are believed beyond reasonable doubt to have been conducted by, or at the instigation of the Citizen, or if the applicant is found to have provided false or misleading data.

To apply for Atlantian Citizenship online, simply click the link at left.

Visas and Passports:

The Empire of Atlantium advocates the unrestricted global freedom of movement, and therefore does not issue passports, visas or any other form of restrictive travel documentation.

External relations and Diplomatic activity:

As a member of the international community, the Empire of Atlantium welcomes diplomatic and co-operative activity with other sovereign states and non-government organisations.

The present Imperial Administration's policy  unilaterally extends recognition to United Nations member states, or states with Observer status at the United Nations, as well as to a limited number of aspirant peoples and states. It should be noted however that formal contacts with state-like entities falling outside these criteria cannot be entertained under this policy. 

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