Effective 1 Primus 10537 (1 January 2018) a citizenship processing fee of USD $25 applies to ALL new applications.

Payment of the citizenship processing fee may be made via PayPal to the following account:

Be sure to include your full name, the date your application was submitted and the words "citizenship processing fee" with your payment.

Citizenship applications that are submitted after 1 Primus 10537 but not accompanied by the requisite fee will automatically be rejected.



Due to widespread abuse of the Atlantian Citizenship programme the Empire of Atlantium will no longer accept applications for Citizenship from Nigerian nationals, effective 27 Sextarius 10520 (26 July 2001).

Applications received before this date will be reviewed by the Ministry of State according to standard processing criteria.


Ministry of State of the
Empire of Atlantium

Citizenship Application

To be considered for Atlantian Citizenship, applicants must:

1. Be 15 years of age or older.

2. Review the official Empire of Atlantium website and satisfy themselves that Atlantian Citizenship is truly something they wish to secure.

3. Pay the mandatory USD $25 processing fee, following instructions given at left under "NOTICE TO ALL APPLICANTS" heading.

4. Complete in its entirety the form below and submit it to the Ministry of State's Directorate of Internal Affairs by clicking on the Apply for Citizenship button.

Applicants will be notified by email if their application is successful, and successful applicants will receive free of charge by mail a Certificate of Citizenship.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volumes of Citizenship applications received each month by the Ministry of State it is not possible to individually qualify details of incomplete applications. Applications that are submitted incomplete are therefore automatically rejected. In order to ensure the success of your application please ensure that it is completed in full.



First Name
Middle Name
Last Name

Male     Female

Height (centimetres)
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Date of Birth
Country of Birth
Country of Citizenship
Country of Residence
Highest Educational Achievement Attained
Native or Main Language
Other Language/s
Marital Status
  Single (never married, not in a relationship)
Divorced (not in a relationship)
Widowed (not in a relationship)
Commitment (relationship of less than 10 months)
Married (relationship of 10 or more months)


Number of Dependents (under 15 years of age)
Permanent Postal/Mailing Address
(Include international and local area codes)
Citizenship Certificate Preference
NOTE: Applicants who request a hard copy printout of their Certificate of Citizenship are required to provide payment of US $10 to cover processing and postage charges, within 2 days of the submission of this application. Payment may be made via PayPal to the account
OPTIONAL: Use the box below to describe briefly any particular skills, qualifications, hobbies, interests or personal attributes you possess that you believe would represent a positive contribution to the Empire of Atlantium, should you be accepted as a Citizen.
    Statements of Understanding:
(It is a mandatory requirement that you tick each box to indicate your agreement)


  I understand and accept that the Empire of Atlantium cannot accept responsibility for the position of any foreign government regarding its Citizenship and/or Personal Identification documents.
  I understand and accept that Atlantian Citizenship, should it be granted me, complements, but does not supercede my existing citizenship.

I understand and accept that Atlantian Citizenship, should it be granted me, may be withdrawn subject to applicable laws.


I understand and accept that I may renounce my Atlantian Citizenship at any time, subject to notification in writing to the Ministry of State and the return of all Citizenship and Personal Identification documentation to the Ministry.


I understand and accept that the Empire of Atlantium is at present a supra-territorial aspirant state and does not provide access to immigration or relocation services through this Citizenship program.


I understand and accept that all Citizenship and Personal Identity documentation issued to me by the Ministry of State remain the property of Empire of Atlantium and must be surrendered to appropriately authorised representatives of the Empire upon request.

  I understand and accept that the information provided within this application is strictly confidential and will not be communicated to any third party, except in the case of formal request by foreign governmental agencies.

I affirm that the information provided about myself above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

    Civic Affirmation:
  I, the abovenamed applicant, hereby affirm my loyalty to the Empire of Atlantium. I promise to abide by and respect its Constitution, laws and institutions, and to act responsibly and with a spirit of tolerance and equanimity towards my fellow Citizens, to the best of my ability.