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Please consider supporting the ongoing operations of the Empire of Atlantium directly by purchasing our popular collectible coins. 

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Customers who do not wish to use PayPal may reserve their coin/s by emailing the Ministry of Finance and mailing US currency at their own risk to:

Empire of Atlantium
Ministry of Finance
via PO Box 573
Marrickville NSW 1475

Please Note: 

Prices below are in United States dollars, and include all applicable taxes and charges, with the exception of customs charges and shipping.

Unregistered worldwide air shipping will be automatically calculated as part of each transaction.  If registered or insured shipping is required please contact the Ministry of Finance with your address details to obtain a quotation.

The Empire of Atlantium does not accept non-US currency, postal money orders, personal cheques or any other alternative form of payment.

Purchases of numbered and limited editions will be supplied in order of receipt.

Wholesale enquiries are welcome and should be directed to the Ministry of Finance.

30th Anniversary 30 Solidi Coin
(Anno 10530 / 2011)
US $40 ea

Uncirculated, prooflike, bimetallic coin in plastic sleeve

Production data:

Obverse: Emperor George II
Reverse: Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax)
Diameter: 38 mm
Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 32 grams
Metal: cupronickel, plated with 9 carat gold
Edge: Reeded
Denomination: 30 Solidi
Year: 10530 (2011)
Mint: The Vidal Mint,
A Coruña, Spain
Mintage: 250 pieces

20th Anniversary 10 Solidi Coin
(Anno 10520 / 2001)
US $25 ea

Uncirculated coin in velvet drawstring pouch
only 400 pieces available

US $35 ea

Uncirculated coin in plush case with numbered certificate
only 100 pieces available

US $150 ea

Limited unplated Number-stamped trial strike in plush case
only 9 pieces available - limit of 1 per customer

Production data:

Obverse: Emperor George II
Reverse: Imperial Eagle (design based on the State Seal of Atlantium)
Thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 30.5 grams
Metal: copper, plated with 9 carat gold
Edge: Unreeded
Denomination: 10 Solidi
Year: 10520 (2001)
Mint: The Aquila Mint, Sydney, Australia
511 gold-plated pieces
3 solid sterling silver pieces
10 numbered unplated trial strikes
2 standard unplated trial strikes
1 incomplete unplated trial strike
1 pair of single-face unplated trial strikes
1 plated trial strike with frosted reverse

Atlantian coins may be redeemed for their face value in United States currency at any time. Coins should be returned to the Ministry of Finance at the above address, along with complete customer return address details.

For further information about the Empire of Atlantium, contact us by email.