Vacant, pending appointment
Acting Minister of Finance

with responsibility for:

  • Directorate of
    Commerce, Industry and Trade

    vacant, pending appointment
  • Directorate of
    Currency and Banking Services

    vacant, pending appointment
  • Directorate ofInternal Revenue
    vacant, pending appointment


Find out more about purchasing the Empire's inaugural 10 Solidi coin


Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for regulating all matters pertaining to the Empire's economy and general fiscal administration, including the maintenance of the Treasury, levying of taxation and the issue of currency. It also has responsibility for industry, trade and investment policy.

Whilst the Empire's present levels of economic activity remain low it nonetheless has recently issued currency for the first time, via the minting of the 20th Anniversary non-circulating commemorative coin pictured above.

For further information regarding purchase of the Empire's coinage follow the link at left.

Atlantium utilises a decimal currency system of 100 Imperial Centi to the Imperial Solidus. The value of the Solidus is currently pegged to that of the US Dollar.

For further information about the Empire of Atlantium, contact us by email.