The Emperor

The Sovereignty of Atlantium is held conjointly by the Citizens of the Empire. For practical purposes this "Great Sovereign Authority of the People"  is vested in the Office of Emperor and personified by the individual Citizen who is elected (for life) to that role as Sovereign Head of State.

The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Authorities which are thereby formally concentrated in the hands of the Imperator et Primus Inter Pares (Emperor and First Among Equals - the Emperor's official titles), are constitutionally devolved to the Executive Government, the Imperial Senate and the Judicature respectively.

The Emperor is a permanent member of the Executive Government, along with the First Consul, the Ministers and the First Senator, however his or her role in this capacity is primarily a moderative one. In certain exceptional circumstances the normally-devolved Executive, Legislative and Judicial Authorities revert directly to the Emperor, who may then rule by decree.

HIM Georgivs II Imp, PIP

The current Sovereign Head of State of The Empire of Atlantium is His Imperial Majesty George II, Imperator et Primus Inter Pares.

His Imperial Majesty was born George Francis Cruickshank on 13 Octavus 10485 (7 December 1966) in Sydney, Australia. He played a pivotal role in the development of Atlantium, and became Emperor by unanimous acclamation at the time of its Foundation.

His Imperial Majesty has at various times pursued professional and commercial interests in the fields of design, music production, radio broadcasting, architectural heritage conservation, information technology and business management. He maintains longstanding personal interest in the fields of history, political theory, comparative mythology, photography, design, music and 20th century industrial design and architecture.

For further information concerning His Imperial Majesty please consult his detailed official biography

Who was George I ?

At the time of his accession the present Emperor was utilising the personal style "George Cruickshank II", in honour of his eponymous paternal grandfather. Upon his accession he adopted the Imperial style "George I" but shortly thereafter abandoned this in favour of a simplified variant of his previous personal style as his regnal nominal.


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