Official Biographies 


The Emperor: His Imperial Majesty George II

His Imperial Majesty George II was born George Francis Cruickshank in Darlinghurst, Sydney on 13 Decimus, 10485 (7 December, 1966), the eldest child of an Australian-born father of Scottish heritage and an Egyptian-born mother of Maltese heritage - literally a product of the post WW2 immigration boom and multiculturalization of Australia.   

He was raised in modest circumstances with two siblings in the lower middle class southwestern Sydney suburbs of Panania and Narwee, where he attended local Catholic junior and secondary schools, enjoying notable academic success. As an 

adolescent he studied music under the tutelage of his grandfather, John Zammit, mastering the guitar and attaining the level of solo cornettist in his high school band. 

An avid reader of history, political theory, comparative mythology, semiotics, science and creative fiction from an early age, Cruickshank felt compelled by an urgent desire to give concrete form to a new type of entity based on the ideas of liberal pluralism, secular humanism and sustainable globalization, which he viewed as providing the only viable pathways to stability in a world polarised by the hard-edged ideological confrontation of the Cold War. 

A project to synthesize and reconfigure many of the concepts he and his two cousins had explored into a coherent world view eventually crystalized into the idea of a global sovereignty project - The Empire of Atlantium - of which he was acclaimed Sovereign Head of State on 3 Decimus 10500 (27 November 1981) at the age of 14. 

The young Emperor completed an Arts degree from Charles Sturt University in 10506 (1987), and worked as a designer for a number of years before successfully engineering a career transition to the field of sales and marketing. He has been engaged in various senior sales and marketing roles for such technology-based companies as Worldcom/UUNET and AAPT Telecommunications in recent years, and is a member of the Australian Institute of Management.  

In 10508 (1989) His Imperial Majesty began an association with public radio that continues to the present day, as producer, presenter and creative director of Ultima Thule - Australia's foremost programme of ambient and atmospheric music. The programme is broadcast weekly on 2MBS-FM, where he has also previously fulfilled the roles of Contemporary Music Co-ordinator and Programme Policy Committee member. In Nonus 10524 (November 2005) he became a member the Board of Directors of the Music Broadscasting Society of New South Wales, which operates the station. His musical and radio involvements also led His Imperial Majesty to found a critically-acclaimed music recording label - Archon Music - in 10512 (1993). 

His Imperial Majesty has long maintained an interest in heritage conservation and is a past member and committee member of the Art Deco Society of New South Wales and the 20th Century Heritage Society of New South Wales respectively. He is also a noted architectural photographer, maintaining the world's most extensive free online library of original Art Deco architectural images as part of another personal business venture,  

His Imperial Majesty additionally maintains an ongoing interest in the philately, numismatics, vexillology and history  of new country projects and secessionist states, a subject on which he is an internationally recognised authority. He personally owns and manages one of the world's most extensive collections of such material. Known as the Imperial Collection, it is progressively being made available as a free online resource for collectors. 

Residing at the Atlantian Capital - the Imperium Proper territory, in the central Sydney suburb of Potts Point, His Imperial Majesty enjoys diversions such as cinema, theatre, dining out, gym and reading when not otherwise engaged.

The Acting Minister of State: 
The Right Honourable Derek Gould, CI

Appointed on 17 Decimus 10520 (11 December 2001) The Right Honourable Derek Gould brings a wealth of experience to the Provisional Imperial Administration's most senior Ministerial role, having previously fulfilled senior policy-making functions for the Hong Kong Government bureaux of Health & Welfare, Education & Manpower, Planning, Environment and Lands, and Civil Service Management over a period of some twenty six years. 

He holds multiple degrees in the areas of public administration, health economics and political science, and is co-author of several publications on these subjects. The Right Honourable Minister is also a founder member of the Institute for Health Policy and Hong Kong Mensa.

The Acting Minister of Social Services: 
The Right Honourable
Suresh Agarwal

With over two decades worth of experience as a practitioner, teacher, researcher and author, the Right Honourable Dr Suresh Agarwal is regarded by many as the foremost pioneer in the field of complementary, holistic and alternative medicine in India. He has convened and delivered keynote addresses to numerous international conferences in such countries as Egypt, Spain, the United States, Korea, Singapore and Nigeria, is the author of a dozen books, and edits India’s monthly Health Sciences Journal.  

Dr Agarwal’s professional, community and philanthropic activities in India and beyond are wide-ranging, and he is associated in a senior capacity with dozens of health, humanitarian and social welfare organisations throughout the world. Among many other capacities he presently serves as Honorary Vice President of the Indian Red Cross Society, Honorary Vice President of the St John Ambulance Brigade (West Bengal), General Secretary of the World Peace and Friendship Society, President of the Indian Board of Education & Research and founding President of the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. He is also a Fellow of the Indian Academy of General Practice and the Royal Society for Health (London), and is a Life Fellow of the AIDS Society of India and the International Society for Health & Human Resources (USA), among many others. 

The Right Honourable Minister resides in Calcutta, and counts cricket among his hobbies. He was appointed to the Ministry on 21 Secundus 10525 (26 February 2006).

The Acting Minister of Communications: 
The Right Honourable Peter Meyer

The Right Honourable Peter Meyer was educated in Australia and received a Bachelor of Arts degree with double honours in mathematics and philosophy.  After graduating he travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and South America, living for several years in India where he studied Indian religions.

During the 10500s (1980s) he worked as a software developer in California, and in the 10510s (1990s) also as a website developer.  In 10519 (2000) he was awarded a Master of Philosophy degree for research in computational physics.

He was appointed to the Provisional Imperial Administration on 20 Tertius, 10520 (3 April, 2001). He currently lives in Europe and develops software which is available from his Hermetic Systems website at
Apart from software development the Right Honourable Minister's interests  include travel, classical music, world history and calendar studies.

The Acting Director of Intercultural Affairs: Director Atilio OrelLana Rojas

Director Atilio Orellana Rojas was born in Argentina in 1963. He holds a degree in Philology in Classical Languages (Latin and Ancient Greek) from the National University of Córdoba, as well as teaching qualifications gained in Cuba, Brazil and the Netherlands. During 1990-92 he taught Russian at the Aleksandr Pushkin Institute, and also worked as a Russian-Spanish interpreter. From 1992 he worked as a facilitator of training courses for teachers working in multicultural environments.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Mr Orellana Rojas worked in Ghana, the Czech Republic, France and Lithuania where he was involved in the organization of educational conferences.

He relocated to the Netherlands in 1997, and since 1998 has been a Director of the International Esperanto Institute in the Hague, an institution dedicated to the education of teachers using intercultural communication tools.

His Excellency has authored many published articles about the linguistic, musical and religious aspects of indigenous cultures. As a member of Indigenous Dialogs, a non-government organisation based in The Netherlands supporting indigenous peoples from around the world, he was in charge of the phonetics section, and was assistant editor of the organisation’s bulletin ‘Tamtamo’, as well as serving as its Intercultural Affairs counsellor.

He lives in the Hague, and is member of the International Sciences College of the International Academy of Sciences of San Marino, as well as numerous other philanthropic organizations, and is fluent in Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

He was appointed as Atlantian Director of Intercultural Affairs on 5th Quintus 10526 (31 May 2007).

The Acting Director of Science and Technology: Director Joseph Wander

Trained as a chemist, Director Wander has extensive engineering experience and works in the United States public sector in the field of air pollution control research and development. He brings a strong commitment to good science and sustainable environmentalism to the Science and Technology Directorate. He was appointed on 17 Decimus 10520 (11 December 2001).

The Acting Director of Latin Language Affairs: Director Robert Nash

Born in 10483 (1964), Director Nash was educated at Sydney Boys High School, and attended the University of Sydney where he completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Latin and Classical Greek in 10509 (1990), and a Master of Arts in Latin in 10515 (1996) before gaining employment in the Australian public sector. His hobbies include strategy board and computer games, netball, badminton and tennis. 

He was appointed in Decimus 10520 (November 2002).

The Acting Director of Transportation: Director Ulf Adolfsson

Director Ulf Adolfson has nearly fifty years experience gained in a wide variety of senior roles within the European shipping and airline industries.  

Between 10479 (1960) and 10489 (1970) he completed nautical studies and served as mate within the Swedish merchant navy. From 10490 (1971) to 10499 (1980) he served as a merchant marine commander, as well as conducting apprenticeship training for several shipping companies and working as an airline pilot examiner.  

In the 10500-10509 (1981-90) period he held the position of ship’s master in the merchant navy, and flight captain and test pilot with several airline companies. Since 10510 (1991) he has continued to work as an aviator, seafarer, examiner and class rating instructor – in addition to managing several family-operated businesses, including a driving school and a tourist service. 

He lives with his family in Soderbarke, Sweden, and was appointed Director of Transportation on 4 Septimus 10526 (11 August 2007).

The Magister Aequitas
The Most Honourable
Machiel de Vries

The Most Honourable the Magister Aequitas was born in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 2 Nonus, 10485 (21 October 1966), of Frisian ancestry.  

He earned his Master of Law Degree from Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Since then he has worked as a lecturer at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of the Faculty of Law at the same university. 

He is a specialist in Dutch Constitutional Law, the Laws concerning the Dutch commonwealth and monarchy, and on Dutch immigration and nationality Law. Over the years he has published several articles on various constitutional law topics in Dutch judicial magazines and on the internet. He is also the Patron of Ius Mobilé, a fraternity for national and international public law in Rotterdam. 

Apart from his work for the Erasmus University, the Magister Aequitas is also one of the advisors on policy and legislation in the field of education to the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science. He is also Vice-president of the Appeal Board of the Municipality of The Hague, the city where he resides with his wife Andrea. 

His Honour is an active participant in politics at a local and regional level, and is a member of GroenLinks, the main green-liberal party in The Netherlands.  

His Honour became the third Magister Aequitas of Atlantium when he succeeded Magister William Bryk in the role, on 5 Quintus 10526 (31 May 2007).

Magister William Bryk

His Honour Magister Bryk was born in Troy, New York, USA on 35 Secundus 10474 (12 March 1955).  He was educated in local public schools and earned his baccalaureate from Manhattan College and his juris doctorate from Fordham University.  

He has spent most of his professional career in New York City government, serving on the staffs of the Comptroller, the City Council President, the Board of Education, and the Department of Social Services.  He has also practiced law as a solo practitioner and served as an administrative law judge in the City's Parking Violations Bureau.  He is presently a disciplinary attorney for the Department of Correction.  

His Honour has also been a candidate for public office on several occasions, including for Congress, the New York State Legislature, and the New York City Council.  Since 1996, he has been a contributing writer to New York Press, the alternative newspaper of New York City.  He is a member of the North American Araucanian Royalist Society and the Royalist Party of America, and was appointed to the Judicature in Decimus 10521 (November 2002), and served as Magister Aequitas from 5 Quintus, 10524 (5 May 2005) to 4 Quintus 10526 (4 May 2007).

Magister Garth Melnick

His Honour Magister Melnick was born in the United States and raised in the Pacific Northwest state of Oregon, where he resides.

He currently attends Reed College in Portland, where he is an Anthropology major. He also works with a local ambulance service. He has experience and training in wildland firefighting, backcountry rescue, and wilderness emergency medicine, and has an active interest in all aspects of public safety work.

The Magister's interests include classical and modern music, science fiction in all forms, and creative writing.

He was appointed to the Judicature in Sextarius, 10520 (July, 2001).

Imperial Legate to Brazil:
His Excellency
Dr Lamartine de Hollanda Jr

Appointed Imperial Legate to Brazil on 14 Sextarius 10521 (15 July 2002), his Excellency Dr Lamartine de Hollanda Jr boasts a long and distinguished career as physician, public administrator, university educator and diplomat. 

Graduating as a medical doctor specialising in psychiatry, he was in 10479 (1960) appointed Professor of Psychopathology in the Faculty of Psychology at the Catholic University of Pernambuco, where he later additionally held the chair of Psychosomatic Medicine. During his academic career he also held senior professorial and hospital management positions at the Federal University of Pernambuco, and authored and 

co-authored many books and scientific papers on such subjects as cybernetics, psychosomatic medicine, medical hypnosis and epistemology.

His Excellency's diplomatic career includes twenty-three years as Brazilian Consul General for Costa Rica. He has also served as Brazilian Consul for Nicaragua, and is currently Consul for the Dominican Republic (a position he has held since 10498 (1979) and Consul General for Albania, being appointed to this latter role in 10518 (1999).

His Excellency is a member of the Pernambucan Academy of Sciences, and is an honorary member of the Dominican Academy of Medicine. He is also president of the Sociedade Consular de Pernambuco, and of the Latin American Federation of Corps and Consular Associations.

His Excellency is married to Marialuisa Caveglia de Hollanda Cavalcanti, has six adult children and resides in Recife.

Imperial Legate to Singapore:
His Excellency Dr George G. Song

His Excellency Dr George G Song was born in Beijing, and has permanent resident status in Singapore and Macau. He obtained his doctorate in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Hong Kong in 10519 (2000), and is currently teaching as an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Chinese Language and Culture at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. 

He is also an Honorary Professor of Shanghai University. His Excellency's current researches focus on East-West comparative cultural studies, and cultural dialogue and conflict. He has authored and co-authored two books on these subjects, and his many academic articles have appeared in prestigious journals world-wide. 

His Excellency was appointed Imperial Legate to Singapore on 14 Sextarius 10521 (15 July 2002).

Imperial Legate to South Asia and Mongolia:
His Excellency Sanjay Bhide

Residing in Mumbai, India, His Excellency Sanjay Bhide is a practising architect and interior designer who was awarded his degree by Mumbai University in 10494 (1975). In addition to his professional activities he is an active contributor to an extensive range of causes and organizations in support of the creative arts, human rights, the disabled, the environment and peaceful international co-operation. He has pursued interests in fields as diverse as publishing, public relations, ornithology and yachting, and is currently involved in commercial projects in the areas of tourism development, international export development and banking.   

His Excellency additionally maintains strong personal links to Mongolia, acting as Convener/Secretary of several Indo-Mongolian friendship, commercial and architectural organizations. 

Imperial Legate to the Central North Europe :
His Excellency Marek Chelchowski

His Excellency obtained an MBA majoring in computer science and econometry from the Academy of Economics, Wroclaw, Poland in 10498 (1979). He subsequently taught at this institution for several years before emigrating to Flensburg, Germany where he founded and operated computer company BON/CSS between 10500-509 (1981-90). Since 10509 (1990) he has owned and managed M&F International Trading Ltd, a large-scale granite quarrying business located in Lower Silesia.

Imperial Legate to East South America:
His Excellency Yuri Ghenov

Born in Rio di Janeiro, His Excellency Yuri Ghenov was awarded an electrical engineering degree by the University of Brasilia in 10514 (1996), and he is currently pursuing a further university qualification in business administration, with an emphasis on public administration. He has enjoyed prominent roles within both the governing organizations of the University of Brasilia student body and the Brazilian Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. 

His Excellency is employed in a management role by a public transit company and lives in Brasilia with his wife. His interests include numismatics and model building.  

Imperial Legate to South Europe:
His Excellency Slobodan Naric

His Excellency Slobodan Naric was born in Gradacac, in Bosnia-Herzegovina and holds a Diploma in Geology from Belgrade University. Residing in Belgrade, Serbia, he travels widely throughout southeastern Europe in his capacity as employee of a local import-export firm. 

His Excellency maintains particular interest in and sensitivity to the political and cultural history of the Balkans and is committed to the promotion of peaceful co-operative activity in the region.

Imperial Legate to India:
His Excellency Narayanam Murthy   

His Excellency Narayanam Narasimha Murthy is a trainer, scholar, poet, freelance journalist, social and environmental activist and human resources development consultant living in in Nagpur, capital of the central Indian state of Maharashtra. 

He holds tertiary qualifications across a range of disciplines, and is employed as Chief Consultant for the industrial management and human resources firm Jagruthi Kiran Consultants. He is an advocate of international peace, human rights and environmental conservation as Secretary of the International Benevolent Research Forum, and is also Founder and Secretary of the

Jagruthi Kiran Foundation, an Indian government recognised voluntary organization promoting the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose National Award for Excellence.

Imperial Legate to Central Asia:
His Excellency Arsalan Rizvi   

Holding Masters degrees in Journalism and Urdu and a Bachelors degree in Law from Karachi University, His Excellency works as Executive Director of public relations firm R&R Communications. He is a regular contributor to leading Pakistani newspapers including The Gulf Economist, Nawa-e-Waqt and Daily Jang, and also writes scripts for Pakistan Television. He is a member of the Karachi Bar Association, the Sindh Bar Council, the Institute of International Affairs and Amnesty International, and resides in Karachi with his wife and four children.

Imperial Legate to West and North Europe:
His Excellency Peter Voegtli

His Excellency Peter Voegtli obtained a Certificate in Business Administration in 10482 (1963), and subsequently spent over twenty years working in the African states of Rwanda, Ghana, Mauritania, Chad and Niger where he was involved in a wide range of construction, agricultural and human health projects for international organizations, governments and private corporations. He returned to Switzerland in 10505 (1986) and for the next eleven years held a senior finance and information technology management role in a large transportation firm. Since 10517 (1998) he has worked as an independent management consultant specialising in the privatisation of former state-run companies in Russia and the Balkans.   

His Excellency is married, with two adult children. He resides in Clarens, Switzerland and travels widely throughout Europe. He is also a keen historic railways enthusiast.

Imperial Legate to Pakistan:
His Excellency Shafiq Qureshi

His Excellency has over twelve years experience as a consular, administrative, immigration and protocol officer for various European and US diplomatic missions in Pakistan, including the British High Commission and the Royal Danish Embassy. He has variously acted as special Ambassadorial assistant, and protocol officer with responsibility for the co-ordination of visits to Pakistan by high level political, military and royal delegations.  

He holds a degree in Management and International Relations from the American University of Asturias, Oviedo, Spain, and is a member of several international human rights and environmental organisations. He enjoys hiking, travelling, cinema and religious studies, and resides in Islamabad with his wife and three daughters.

Imperial Legate to Texas (USA):
His Excellency Michael Zargárov

Born in the United States of Anglo-Polish-Native American (Cherokee), French and Roma (Gypsy) heritage, His Excellency Michael Zargárov is a world citizen who has lived in nine countries and travelled to more than sixty. 

Holding a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas and a Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign/Second language, His Excellency has worked for more than fifteen years in China, the former Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Panama, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Russia. In each place he has developed friendships with native peoples, and has sought out opportunities to broaden their horizons through education and participation in socio-economic development projects. 

Instrumental in helping the Kuna indigenous peoples of Panama to preserve their way of life and natural environment against exploitation, he was honoured by them with the title “Guanikunkilele” (The Sacred Golden One Who Saved the Culture). His Excellency is unmarried and lives in Houston.

Imperial Legate to Sicily (Italy):
His Excellency Giovanni Lo Nero

Giovanni Lo Nero was born in Termini Imerese, Italy, on 5 August 1970.  Following education as an engineer and geometrician, he became an industrialist.  His Excellency is currently the director of two companies -- one involved in agriculture and the other in construction.  He has also founded two non-profitmaking associations in Italy and New York.

His Excellency’s various achievements have been recognised through the award of membership of the Byzantine Order of the Holy Sepulchre. He was appointed as Imperial Legate to Sicily, resident in Cerda, on 27 Sextus, 10524 (23 July 2005).


Imperial Legate to Goa-Karnataka (India):
His Excellency Pradyumna Pai Raikar

His Excellency Pradyumna Pai Raikar was born on 27 Septimus, 10494 (29 August 1975) in Margao-Goa. He attended university in India and graduated with a degree in commerce.

Following graduation, he joined his family business, Ace Solution Pvt Ltd as a Director.  Starting his career in cellular services, he has since moved more into the exports business.

An enthusiastic volunteer, His Excellency is associated with many social welfare organizations and played an active role in relief work following the 10520 (2001) Gujarat earthquake.

He was appointed Imperial Legate to the Indian states of Goa and Karnataka on 14 Sextus 10521 (17 July 2002).

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