The Empire of Atlantium was founded on the 3 Decimus, 10500 (27 November, 1981) when, in response to a perceived rise in unwelcome political influences, a unilateral Declaration of Independence from the Commonwealth of Australia was peacefully effected by Sydney residents George Francis Cruickshank, Geoffrey John Duggan and Claire Marie Duggan. The three Founders simultaneously symbolically laid claim to an approximately  10 square metre enclave - the Provisional Territory - located in the southern Sydney suburb of Narwee within the surrounding City of Hurstville. Cruickshank was thence acclaimed Emperor, and assumed full executive, legislative and judicial authority as His Imperial Majesty George II.

The subsequent history of Atlantium encompasses two phases - Pre-Refundatio 10500-509 (1981-90), and Post-Refundatio 10518- (1999- ) - separated by a period of evolutional dormancy.

Early History:

The Pre-Refundatio period, represents the historically most active phase of Atlantium. This era saw the creation and formalisation of the Empire's forms, structures, instrumentalities and State symbolism - much of which remains in place today.

Within months of independence a Constitution based on the 10387 (1868) Meiji Constitution of Japan was promulgated by the Emperor, in order to establish a parliamentary basis for the Empire's governance. A bicameral Imperial Senate was thus created, and elections were conducted in 10501 (1982), as a result of which the by-then Duke Imperiator Geoffrey Duggan became Atlantium's first Prime Minister.

Left: The Symbol of State of the Empire of Atlantium from 10501-10519 (1982-2000)

By Quartarius 10501 (May 1982) the blue, yellow and orange "dawn sky" tricolour was established as the State Flag, and it was featured on the first Atlantian postage stamps which were issued at this time. Over subsequent years the Empire's postage stamps were regularly accepted for the carriage of mail by Australian postal Authorities - as many existing postmarked covers attest. In addition they proved popular with collectors, and featured in philatelic publications worldwide.

During the 10501-505 (1982-86) tenure of the Duggan government cordial communications were exchanged with other independent microstates, including the Hutt River Province and the State of Rainbow Creek. Similar approaches to the Province of Bumbunga, a British monarchist entity located within the State of South Australia, however resulted in a formal declaration of hostilities which were eventually concluded in the Empire's favour. The Empire's later renunciation of its sovereign right to conduct external hostilities or maintain a standing military force arose directly from this experience.

Left: Diplomatic communication from the Hutt River Province Principality, 21 Sextarius, 10503 (21 July 1984). 

By 10504 (1985) the vexillological system of Atlantium had come to the attention of the Flag Society of Australia Inc. It featured in a paper presented to the XI International Conference of Vexillology in Madrid by Mr Ralph G Bartlett, on the subject of the flags of the independent states of Australia.

Left: Imperial War Flag, in use from 35 Octavus 10505 - 7 Quintus 10518 (17 October 1986 - 2 June 1999)

10504 (1985) also witnessed the beginning of His Imperial Majesty's three-year period of attendance at university in Wagga Wagga, 500km from Sydney in south-west New South Wales. A rapid increase in the number of Atlantian Citizens followed, and this was reflected in the 10505 (1986) General Election result, which saw the emergence of a new Government headed by Prime Minister Prince Damian Scott. By late 10505 (1986) the Empire's System of Nobility had been formalised, and a number of Orders of Chivalry and a complex heraldic system were also in place. By the end of 10506 (1987)  plans were well advanced to mint coinage, and even to introduce a new year numbering system, and a decimal calendar.

Left: Prince Damian Scott, Prime Minister from 36 Quintus 10505 - 36 Quintus 10507 (1 July 1986 - 30 June 1988)


Ironically, the foundation of the Empire's rapid successes in the early 10500s (1980s) was to prove the basis of its slow decline into developmental inactivity over the following decade. At the beginning of 10507 (1988) the tightly-knit university community that comprised the greater part of the Citizens of the Empire was scattered Australia-wide at the conclusion of their studies. A decade into the future, with the popularisation of the Internet such an outcome might not have presented so great an impediment to viability; in 10507 (1988) however things were different. In time, communications between Citizens became less frequent, less practical and less enthusiastic. The scheduled 10507 (1988) General Election proceeded as planned, returning a new government under Prime Minister Lord Kevin Fanucchi, but its subsequent achievements were limited.

Left: Marquis Kevin Fanucchi, Prime Minister from 1 Sextarius 10507 - 35 Quintus 10509 (1 July 1988 - 30 June 1990)

By 10509 (1990) it was evident that most of the Empire's instrumentalities were fast lapsing into inactivity, and when the General Election scheduled for that year failed to eventuate, the Constitutional catalyst for the reversion of full executive, legislative and judicial authority to the Emperor came into effect. This ensured the formal, albeit dormant continuity of Atlantium during the 10510s (1990s).


On 7 Quintus, 10518 (2 June, 1999), His Imperial Majesty acquired legal ownership of the Imperium Proper. The acquisition of a geographical territory upon which the formal sovereignty claims of Atlantium could be legally exercised and/or tested - a distant future goal of the early Empire - was thus fulfilled. In recognition of the importance of this event His Imperial Majesty reaffirmed, in the name of all past and future Citizens, the existence, claims and legitimacy of the Empire as a Sovereign Commonwealth of Citizens, and committed himself to its revival. This event is now known as the Refundatio (Refoundation), and it marks the beginning of the contemporary history of Atlantium.

Recent History:

Historical developments subsequent to 7 Quintus, 10518 (2 June 1999) will be made available here in the near future. Please revisit soon.

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