Frequently Asked Questions


Is Atlantium a secessionist state?

No. Atlantium is not attempting to secede from any existing territorial state in order to create a new territorial state.

Are you a micronation?

No. For the most part, micronations are state-like entities that exist only on the internet. Unlike Atlantium they do not have a verifiable corporeal existence or any  sustainable claim to legitimacy.

Are you a club or a political simulation?

No. Atlantium's operations are conducted in the real world, by real people, and are widely documented. They have included periodic face-to-face interactions with senior representatives from UN member states - up to and including heads of government and heads of state.

Are you a commercial enterprise?

No. Atlantium does not exist to make money. All official and administrative roles within Atlantium are undertaken on a voluntary basis, and all revenues generated via the sale of Atlantian postage stamps, coins, banknotes and merchandise either directly support the Empire's ongoing operations or are donated to international charitable, aid and cultural organisations. 

Are you something to do with Atlantis?

Atlantis is a mythical ancient continent; Atlantium is a corporeal entity that exists in the present day. There is no relationship whatsoever between the two.

What are you then?

The Empire of Atlantium is a self-declared primarily non-territorial sovereign entity and proto-world state that asserts immanent, parallel global sovereignty. The purpose of Atlantium is to promote  the idea that sovereignty in the modern world need not necessarily be linked to geography, and that all human beings can and should have the right to choose their country of citizenship irrespective of where they were born, or where they live.

Is Atlantium a real country?

Yes. Atlantium is a self-declared State possessing the fully functioning apparatus, institutions and representative symbols of an independent, sovereign entity, including a population, constitution, judicial system, legislature, flags and insignia, a monetary system and diplomatic representation, amongst others.

In this respect it is important to note the following articles from the 1933 Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States, which form the traditional internationally accepted basis for the legal definition of statehood:

Article 1 The state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

Article 3 The political existence of the state is independent of recognition by the other states. Even before recognition the state has the right to defend its integrity and independence, to provi de for its conservation and prosperity, and consequently to organize itself as it sees fit, to legislate upon its interests, administer its services, and to define the jurisdiction and competence of its courts.

Does Atlantium possess any territory?

As a non-territorial entity, Atlantium does not maintain any formal territorial claims. However it does unilaterally assert extraterritorial authority over a 0.76 square kilometre enclave located within the Australian state of New South Wales which is administered under the direct personal authority of the Emperor.

This pastoral holding - located in the Lachlan Valley, approximately 310 kilometres southwest of Sydney - is known as the Province of Aurora. It is the designated location of Atlantium's caput mundi (global capital), Concordia, and is the site of the Domus Aurea (Golden House), which serves as Atlantium's seat of government, as well as a number of commemorative monuments, a post office, botanical gardens and tourist facilities.

The Province of Aurora is about half the size of Monaco.

The Empire's assertions of extraterritoriality remain uncontested by the Commonwealth of Australia with whom Atlantium maintains pragmatic, non-confrontational relations.

How is it possible for a country to exist with limited territory?

Several such recognised states already exist. 

The Vatican City for example possesses only a few hectares of land and has a mere handful of citizens, whilst the Sovereign Military Order of Malta has existed as a non-territorial sovereign entity since its expulsion from the island of Malta nearly two centuries ago. Both of the aforementioned are widely recognised by UN Member States, including the United States.

The Empire's Province of Aurora is approximately twice the size of the Vatican.

In light of the above, what do you mean when you say Atlantium is a primarily non-territorial state?

Atlantium believes that territorial claims as the basis for statehood are all but meaningless in the modern world.

It is a key Atlantian contention that whilst Article 1(b) of the Montevideo Convention has hitherto generally comprised the major qualifier for the determination of legitimate statehood, the increasing mobility of global populations, and their ability to communicate and to form communities across or without reference to territorial boundaries render this definition increasingly less relevant.

We therefore assert that the primary legitimacy of Atlantium should be determined by its de facto existence as represented by its community of Citizens - wherever they happen to be distributed geographically - and its operating institutions - and not on the basis of  assertions of territorial imperium..

How serious are you?

There's nothing funny about Atlantium. The Empire's creation may have been a unilateral act, however that does not alter the fact of the Empire's corporeal existence, nor does it detrimentally impact our ability to actively engage with the world at large. At 0.76 square kilometres we are counted among the world's smallest states, which brings into play certain practical realities; we choose to deal with these in a pragmatic manner. We also recognise that our broader goals are unlikely to be achieved in the short term.

Do you pay taxes?

Yes. Citizens who reside or work outside the Province of Aurora must subscribe to the laws that apply in their country of residence or employment, in the same way that all foreign nationals residing or working in other countries do.

What is the population of Atlantium?

As at Sextus 10527 (June 2008) Atlantium had a population of more than 1200 Citizens, living in over 100 countries. Atlantian citizens can be found on all continents except Antarctica.

Which countries have established diplomatic ties with Atlantium?

Atlantium has not sought to establish formal bilateral relations with any other state, and does not intend to do so until its independent existence as a viable economic entity can assure the derivation of quantifiable mutual benefit sufficient to justify the expenditure of effort necessary to successfully propagate any such engagement.

Why is Latin your official language?

Latin was selected as one of the Empire's two official languages (the other is English) because it affords an immediate and identifiable historic link to the culture upon which the political structures and state symbolism of the Empire are based. It also has the benefit of being widely understood, yet is simultaneously relatively culturally neutral by virtue of the fact that it is no longer a "living" language.

Additionally, Arabic, Hindi and Mandarin have been designated "languages with special status", as there are significant populations of native speakers of each of them among the Empire's citizen base.

What is the current status of the Imperial Senate?

The Devolution of Authorities which underpins the Atlantian system of government lapsed in 10509 (1990) when Imperial Senate elections failed to occur within the timeframe specified by the Constitution. All Judicial, Legislative and Executive Authority thereby reverted to the Emperor who afterwards ruled by Decree. In 10520 (2001) the Office of the Emperor announced the progressive appointment of a transitional government, as part of a longer-term strategy to return the Imperium to full representative democracy. Several Ministers were subsequently installed  and in Sextarius (July) of that year the Empire's Judicial Authority was devolved to a new Magister Aequitas (chief justice). Due to sustained rapid population growth, the Transitional Imperial Administration has not thus far been willing to set a date for elections to re-establish an independent  legislature, and whilst several Senators-designate have been named, the Imperial Senate itself remains in a state of abeyance.

What is your politics?

Because Atlantium is not a political party it does not espouse or promote a fixed political agenda. Political opinions are a Constitutionally guaranteed matter of personal choice, and the Empire embraces Citizens supporting a broad diversity of such views - from authoritarian socialism at one end of the spectrum, to anarchist libertarianism at the other.

What are your principles?

Atlantium is founded on two important principles:

1. That the only demonstrably viable basis for sound, stable, progressive, maximally beneficient government is the recognition that individual rights and collective social responsibilities are intrinsically co-existent.

2. That eventual global social, economic and political union is both inevitable and desirable.

Apart from the above, Atlantium supports a range of extremely liberal Constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms and responsibilities founded on a belief in the fundamental equality of all self-aware entities.

What are your religious views?

Atlantium is a secular state with no religious affiliations whatsoever. The religious beliefs of Atlantian Citizens are a Constitutionally guaranteed matter of personal choice.

Why do you refer to Atlantium as a "republican monarchy"? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?

The structure of the Atlantian state has been designed to reconcile within a single entity all of the best features of both monarchist and republican systems of government. As in a republic, all Citizens have a Constitutionally-defined equal opportunity to participate in the public life of the state, and to aspire to its highest offices. Atlantium differs from traditional republics however in that the Head of State is a permanent member of the Executive, and is therefore a politically neutral  figure, thereby ensuring that the operations of government maintain a high level of stability. Because the Emperor is elected  from amongst a council of eminent Citizens whose individual achievements have been recognised via their membership of a non-hereditary Nobility, he or she is also much more likely to be appropriately suited to the role than a political figure would be.

What is the idea behind your decimal calendar?

Atlantium is committed to a policy of relative cultural neutrality and has therefore developed an efficient, easy-to-use non-sectarian year numbering system and decimal calendar called the Annus Novus System which was introduced on 1 Primus 10520 (1 January 2001).

The Annus Novus year numbering system begins 10501 years before the year of Atlantium's Foundation. The near-entirety of human recorded history is encompassed by this period, which is roughly analogous to the Holocene era, and which in Annus Novus parlance is known as the New Era.

What does it cost to join?

A processing fee of $25 USD applies to all new Citizenship applications.

How do I become a Citizen of Atlantium?

Those wishing to apply for Atlantian Citizenship can complete and submit our online application form.

How can I get an Atlantian Passport? 

You canít. The Empire of Atlantium advocates unrestricted global freedom of movement, and therefore does not issue passports, visas or any other form of restrictive travel documentation.   

Does Atlantian Citizenship entitle me to live or work in Australia, the USA or Europe? 

No. Atlantium does not maintain an immigration or relocation programme on behalf of any territorial nation-state. 

If I become a Citizen of Atlantium, can the government provide me with a reference if I wish to apply for residence in Australia, the USA or Europe? 

No. Officers of the Imperial Administration are not authorised to provide personal references to Citizens seeking legal entry to territorial nation-states.

How can I arrange to visit Atlantium? 

Short visits to Atlantium's Sydney Representative Office and the Province of Aurora may be made only by prior arrangement with the Office of the Emperor, which may be contacted by email [email protected] or phone +61 (0)457 639 139.

Overnight visits to the Province of Aurora, which includes exclusive use of Government House can be booked via Airbnb.

What can I do as a Citizen of Atlantium?

Almost anything!

Atlantium is the world's foremost primarily non-territorial sovereign entity, and opportunities for participation are essentially unlimited.

Participation in the public administration of the Empire is encouraged. Citizens may petition for appointment to the Judicature, or function in diplomatic, directoral or ministerial roles, subject to probity and identity checks.

Citizens may also explore business or trade opportunities, promote open discussions, debate policy positions, or provide practical, material or in-kind support as their level of motivation and circumstances allow.

For further information about the Empire of Atlantium, contact us by email.