The Empire of Atlantium officially adopted the Auroran Hymn as its State Musical Anthem on  31 Octavus 10521 (13 October 2002).

The Auroran Hymn is a work by French composer Camille Saint-Saens (10354-10440 / 1835-1921). It forms part of his Symphony Number 3 in C (the Organ Symphony) and was first performed in 10405 (1886). 


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Symbols of State Part 1

The Empire has long considered its state symbols an important contributor to the evolution of a unified Atlantian civic consciousness, and as such it possesses unique and highly developed vexillological and insignatorial (heraldic) traditions.


The Imperial State Signum

The Imperial State Signum was created on 30 Septimus 10519 (5 September 2000), and is based on a design in use since 10501 (1982).

The Imperial Eagle which soars in majestic solitude above the earth is a manifestation of the Empire's supra-territorial sovereignty. It stands in a posture of display against a golden disc representing the Light of Reason, and clasps in its talons an Empyrean Sky Ring  denoting the limitlessness of human potential. The full formal name of the Atlantian State occupies an arc above, and this is mirrored below by its motto, which translates as "A Light in the Darkness".

The Imperial State Vexillum

The Imperial State Vexillum (informally known as the Imperial Tricolour or the Dawn Sky Tricolour) is the main flag of the Empire and its most historic symbol, having been adopted on 19 Quartarius 10501 (8 May 1982). Whenever they are in use, all other sub-state vexilla  must be flown accompanied by the Imperial State Vexillum which always takes the position of precedence. It may also be flown by any Citizen. It is of rectangular shape in a 2:3 proportion, and consists of three equal horizontal bars representing hope in the future as manifested in the colours of the dawn sky - orange at the bottom, gold in the middle and azure blue at the top.

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