Positions Vacant

Below is a list of senior positions within the Imperial Administration for which suitably experienced and qualified individuals are invited to apply. All positions within the Public Administration are voluntary, and are open to any Citizen of Atlantium.

Successful applicants are subject to a full identity and multiple-reference check prior to confirmation of their appointment, and must agree to having their photograph, biography and contact details publicly displayed on the Empire's official website as a basic condition of appointment.

Ministers, Directors and Secretaries collectively represent the executive and administrative arms of the Atlantian Government. They are expected to function largely under their own initiative, and are permitted a high degree of autonomy within the broad limitations of the Imperial Administration's public policy guidelines.

Ministerial appointees require only a high-level understanding of their portfolio, as they are chiefly focused on administration, resource-allocation, reporting and executive decision-making functions.

Directoral and Secretarial appointees require a detailed understanding of their portfolio, as their purpose is to formulate and articulate public policy proposals upon which Executive Government decision-making are based.

Ministry of Communications:
Director of Postal Services
Director of Public Information
Secretary of Environmental Affairs

Ministry of Finance:
Minister of Finance
Director of Commerce, Industry and Trade
Director of Currency and Banking Services
Director of Internal Revenue

Ministry of
Minister of Justice

Ministry of Social Services:
Director of Education Services
Director of Health Services
Director of Welfare Services

Ministry of State:

Director of Global Affairs
Director of Nobiliary Affairs

Director of Protocol

Director of Public Administration

To request further information or to apply for any of the above positions, contact the
Office of the Emperor via email
or by telephone: +61 (0)420 554 949.


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