Diplomatic Representatives

In recognition of the increasing diversity and geographic distribution of its population and the associated expansion of its interests and responsibilities, the Empire of Atlantium began in 10520 a policy of active international engagement. 

The Imperial Diplomatic Corps is a Department of the Ministry of State's Directorate of Global Affairs, and its Imperial Legates are responsible for acting on behalf of the Empire and its Citizens within nominated territorial regions.

The following Imperial Legations are operational and may be contacted as necessary by Citizens or other interested parties. Imperial Legates are progressively being appointed to other regions as suitable candidates become available, and applications from Citizens who wish to function in these roles are invited:

North America:

Imperial Legate to Texas:

His Excellency Michael Zargarov - Houston, USA
Telephone: +1
713 320 3726


South America:

Imperial Legate to Brazil:

His Excellency Dr Lamartine de Hollanda Jr, CI - Recife, Brazil
Telephone/Facsimile: +55 81 3441 5606


Imperial Legate to East South America:

His Excellency Yuri Ghenov - Brasilia, Brazil
Telephone: +55 61 366 2781



Imperial Legate to Central Asia:

His Excellency Arsalan Rizvi  - Karachi, Pakistan


Imperial Legate to Goa and Karnataka:

His Excellency Pradyumna Pai Raikar - Margao, India
Telephone: +91 83 273 9280


Imperial Legate to India:

His Excellency Narayanam Murthy - Nagpur, India
Telephone: +91 712 222 5042


Imperial Legate to Pakistan:

His Excellency Shafiq Qureshi  - Islamabad, Pakistan
Telephone: +92 51 443 1279 


Imperial Legate to Singapore:

His Excellency Dr George Song - Singapore
Telephone: +65 790 6303


Imperial Legate to South Asia and to Mongolia :

His Excellency Sanjay Bhide - Mumbai, India
Telephone: +91 22 447 3829



Imperial Legate to Central North Europe:

His Excellency Marek Chelchowski - Kostrza, Poland
Telephone: +48 74 855 4121 Facsimile: 48 74 855 4619 


Imperial Legate to Sicily:

His Excellency Giovanni Lo Nero - Cerda, Sicily, Italy
Telephone: +39 091 899 2526 


Imperial Legate to South Europe:

His Excellency Slobodan Naric - Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Telephone: +381 64 144 4378


Imperial Legate to West and North Europe:

His Excellency Peter Voegtli - Clarens, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 79 297 2020  Facsimile: +41 21 981 2608



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